Impact Of Multiple Devices On Online Stores Sale

Multiple devices on online store

Developing an online store is not a rocket science. The uphill battle is to make profit out of it. Studies suggest that out of 10 eCommerce only a few are getting profit and the rest are still struggling. Reasons behind this struggle to make e-store stand out profitably in eCommerce industry could be many. Let’s discuss about the very major reason for this i.e. multiple devices.

A buyer/customer cannot be on desktop/laptop every time. But there is an electronic device which one always carries. Yes, your guess is correct. It’s your cell phone. You can be away from your business, family and spouse but staying away from your cell phone is somewhere a hard task.

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How We Help eBay Seller Selling His Customized Tee Shirts

eBay seller selling his customized Tee shirts

Client Details:

A well established T-shirt manufacture, holding more than 65000 live products on, with 99.7% positive feedback, with ebay premium service badge. Client has got a purple shooting start for his eBay account with feedback scores more than 60,000.


eBay made changes in its product identifier and informed about it a year ago to all sellers. Also, gave one year time to update unique identifiers to their products. Yes, its’s an easy job but it requires time. Client contacted faith eCommerce services to fix the same.

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We Work For Keeping Our Clients Happy And To Gain Testimonials. Money Is Required, But It’s Not The Only Factor Which Keeps Us Live

Happy client

Getting appreciation from our clients always boost our energy to perform better. People take healthy diet to boost their energy or take some energy drink or shake. For a company like faith eCommerce services appreciation  from our clients are the best tonic to boost enthusiasm and deliver project before the deadline.

A team of 8 people working on WordPress along with Woo-commerce to process about 4000products within 10 days tirelessly and keeping eyes open on quality.

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There Is Always Someone Who Will Say I Can Do It Cheaper And See What Happens Next


Snapdeal is one of the emerging online marketplace in Indian online market. Sanapdeal claims that it has about 20 million users and over 50,000 sellers selling more than 5 million products. Such a big company with more than 1000 in-house employees.

Now, every seller wants to sell products on website like Amazon, eBay, snapdeal, flipkart etc. Most of the sellers have their physical retail shop in towns or cities or they are whole sellers. E-commerce is not a very old trend in India.

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Ebay New Rules For Product Identifier

eBay new rules for Product identifier

New  rules for your product listing on eBay is out now. You are required to add product identifier to each of your new listing on your eBay account. You are also required to add product identifiers to your existing products on your eBay account. It is being instructed by eBay if you don’t add product identifiers then your products will not appear well on eBay searches and possible that you find some alerts when you login to eBay seller account regarding adding an identifier to your products.

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How To Sell Products On eBay?


Selling products on eBay is very easy, hassle-free and very quick. Just three basic steps get you started.

  1. Listing your product
  2. Shipping your product
  3. Receiving Payment

That’s it! It is easy and simple. With the help of a quick listing tool on the eBay website, you can quickly list your product(s) on eBay and instantly start selling. However, hiring a trained specialist for this job is a very good option as then you can devote your time and effort on some other sphere of your business while reaping benefits from selling your products side-by-side!

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Mobilegeddon : It’s Been 10 Days


Mobilegeddon, it’s a new word in dictionary of Google. If you have no business with internet then it will be difficult to remember about this word walled Mobilegeddon. It’s a new update in Google search algorithm which gives brings priority to website on Mobile search those are mobile friendly.

Now, the next question is how to check whether your website is Mobile friendly or not.

Whenever Google release any update, it provides sufficient information for people who interest to learn about new updates or want to walk along with Google update.

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Ecommerce Product Data Entry Services: A Never Ending Task

Never ending task

E-commerce is the future of retail market, it’s an industry which is growing day by day and it brings new innovations, technologies and new demands every day. Like when this industry started it was started only to transfer invoices and checking order status online. But when electronic fund transfer introduced, it simply changed the complete experience of end users. E-commerce is now beyond just purchasing products online. When we see from a seller prospective, then eCommerce is not just displaying products online.

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Cost Effective Photo Background Removal Services Online

Cost Effective Photo Background Removal Services Online

All businesses today require photo editing services as they sell products online. It is vital for businesses to work on quality of images that they use for product uploads. It is an ideal choice from different perspectives as services work with quality teams that have great technical and technological expertise. The editors have knowledge on all latest trends and hence work with their experience to deliver the most suitable solutions to businesses. When the services are professional, businesses can experience growth in customer base and sales.

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