How to Upload Magento Product Data Efficiently

Magento Data Entry Services

Magento has become the most used eCommerce platform due to its scalability and functions. It provides easy store set up and configuration for sellers, and speedy purchase and payment services to the customers. Even though the platform itself is quick and easy to use, uploading the product data to it may be a draining and time-taking task for the seller. To upload your product data on Magento, you need to create your catalog by assigning categories and sub-categories, and then uploading the information (names, descriptions, photos etc.) of each product one by one to the respective category. If you wish to sell a considerable number of products from your Magento store, this process would take up all of your time. A simple and cost-effective way of making product upload easier is to hire a Magento product upload services provider. Professional  Magento product upload services  can optimize your store and get it running in a jiffy.

Here are Some of the Benefits of Availing Magento Upload Services for Your Store

1. Time-Saving

Product upload is a very exhausting process. If you choose to outsource it, you will save a lot of time in which you can work on improving the other important aspects of your business, like customer services or post-purchase support.

2. Affordable

Outsourcing your data entry needs to a Magento product listing services provider is much more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees. You get an expert team to handle your product data instantly. It saves the time and money of searching for qualified individuals and training them for your needs and providing them with the equipment.

3. Attractive Information

Outsourcing product data entry also saves you from searching for writers to create engaging product descriptions. The product upload services providers feature writers that create descriptions based on thorough research about what the customers want. The descriptions are aimed at providing in-depth, authentic information about the product to the customers, and convincing them to purchase it.

They also edit and optimize the product images before uploading them, helping customers make a fully informed decision.

4. Hassle-free Store Update

The Magento product listing services provider also helps in updating your product data. They regulate prices according to sales performance and market conditions, remove out-of-stock products etc. Along with this, they suggest changes in product names according to the latest customer preferences and search trends.

To make the most of Magento, it is important that you do everything perfectly. By availing Magento product upload services, you can give your store high-quality product data and professional management.


The Benefits of eCommerce for Your Business Growth


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Internet is the center of everything in the 21st century. Due to the ease and freedom it provides, people are shifting to the internet for most of their needs. One of the most popular aspects of the internet is eCommerce. Since people can buy anything they want without actually going to a store, online stores have become a boon for customers worldwide. Due to the increasing number of online shoppers, eCommerce is equally, if not more, beneficial for the sellers. If you are a seller who still does business in the conventional way, you need to go online now. Here are a few of the advantages of running an online store-

1. Low set-up and operation costs

Setting up a physical store means purchasing a brick and mortar structure, making it into a store, getting licenses etc.Not to mention the time it takes to get everything done. A hefty sum goes into managing the business every month as well. But, an online store can be set up in a short time and for a very low price. The licenses for eCommerce are also much cheaper than conventional stores. On your eCommerce store, your products speak for themselves. Online stores require less personnel than a medium-scale business. If you expand online instead of opening another physical store, you would save a lot on labor, store set up and inventory management.

2. Reach

A physical, local business is bound by geographical limitations, that limit the profits. But, once you go online, customers from around the world can see you and buy from you. With a little work, you can maximize your visibility and the number of customers who visit your store.

3. Round the clock business

eCommerce facilitates your business operations to run 24×7. Customers can buy products online at any time of the day. This makes setting up an eCommerce store very rewarding.

4. Increased profits

 If you set up your online store right, you will soon see significant increments in your profits.


There is no better time than now to go online with your business. Even with the competition, there is always room for more players. However, there are some tasks that can be confusing and time-taking especially for new online sellers.You can simplify these tasks by availing the assistance of a reliable eCommerce services provider. The eCommerce services that you can avail include product data upload to your store, catalog processing, SEO etc. These services are highly cost-effective as they help boost your customer-base and reputation.

Do’s and Don’ts of SEO in 2018


Google (along with other search engines) is getting smarter every day. SEO today is not what it used to be some years ago. Some techniques that SEO service providers used earlier might even attract penalties from Google now. This means that you and your SEO Company need to constantly stay updated with the new developments and policies and make SEO plans according to them, to ensure best results.

Here are 8 things you should and shouldn’t do when making strategies for your website


1. Analyze keywords before creating:

It is necessary to analyze the keyword metrics before using them. Use a reliable tool to measure the competence and return rates of a keyword. This will help you choose the best keywords for your SEO.

2. Use specific long-tailed keywords:

It has been observed that long-tail keywords result in more conversions. A typical Google search query is more than 3 words. Therefore, long-tail keywords fetch better quality traffic to the site.

3. Focus on images:

Do not keep your website content limited to text. Use optimized, compressed images that load fast, and make the pages look lively. You can use keywords for alt-text of images to help improve the search results list rankings of your website.

4. Invest in responsive design:

People don’t use just computers to access the internet. Make your website mobile-friendly, as visitors leave websites that are not designed for mobiles instantly.


1. Crowd keywords:

Stuffing your content with keywords doesn’t work anymore. Although overusing keywords doesn’t harm rankings, readers might not be interested in the content if it seems repetitive.

2. Overdo links:

External linking is important in SEO. But, too many links or irrelevant ones will make visitors think your website is full of spam. Google can now even penalize you for unnatural outbound links.

3. Copy content:

Search engines value original, informative content. They will not just push you lower in the search results if you copy large chunks of content from somewhere, you might even be penalized for it.

4. Encouraging guest posts for SEO:

Guest posts are for the readers to get additional information. Promoting all guest posts just for the sake of SEO might not be completely fruitful. Only the best quality, relevant posts should be accepted and published on your website.

 Stay updated with every little development in the world of SEO to make sure you stay out of any trouble. Check whether your SEO Company’s techniques are ethical and trustworthy, and learn thoroughly about their SEO services before executing them

Impact Of Multiple Devices On Online Stores Sale

Multiple devices on online store

Developing an online store is not a rocket science. The uphill battle is to make profit out of it. Studies suggest that out of 10 eCommerce only a few are getting profit and the rest are still struggling. Reasons behind this struggle to make e-store stand out profitably in eCommerce industry could be many. Let’s discuss about the very major reason for this i.e. multiple devices.

A buyer/customer cannot be on desktop/laptop every time. But there is an electronic device which one always carries. Yes, your guess is correct. It’s your cell phone. You can be away from your business, family and spouse but staying away from your cell phone is somewhere a hard task.

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How We Help eBay Seller Selling His Customized Tee Shirts

eBay seller selling his customized Tee shirts

Client Details:

A well established T-shirt manufacture, holding more than 65000 live products on, with 99.7% positive feedback, with ebay premium service badge. Client has got a purple shooting start for his eBay account with feedback scores more than 60,000.


eBay made changes in its product identifier and informed about it a year ago to all sellers. Also, gave one year time to update unique identifiers to their products. Yes, its’s an easy job but it requires time. Client contacted faith eCommerce services to fix the same.

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We Work For Keeping Our Clients Happy And To Gain Testimonials. Money Is Required, But It’s Not The Only Factor Which Keeps Us Live

Happy client

Getting appreciation from our clients always boost our energy to perform better. People take healthy diet to boost their energy or take some energy drink or shake. For a company like faith eCommerce services appreciation  from our clients are the best tonic to boost enthusiasm and deliver project before the deadline.

A team of 8 people working on WordPress along with Woo-commerce to process about 4000products within 10 days tirelessly and keeping eyes open on quality.

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There Is Always Someone Who Will Say I Can Do It Cheaper And See What Happens Next


Snapdeal is one of the emerging online marketplace in Indian online market. Sanapdeal claims that it has about 20 million users and over 50,000 sellers selling more than 5 million products. Such a big company with more than 1000 in-house employees.

Now, every seller wants to sell products on website like Amazon, eBay, snapdeal, flipkart etc. Most of the sellers have their physical retail shop in towns or cities or they are whole sellers. E-commerce is not a very old trend in India.

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Ebay New Rules For Product Identifier

eBay new rules for Product identifier

New  rules for your product listing on eBay is out now. You are required to add product identifier to each of your new listing on your eBay account. You are also required to add product identifiers to your existing products on your eBay account. It is being instructed by eBay if you don’t add product identifiers then your products will not appear well on eBay searches and possible that you find some alerts when you login to eBay seller account regarding adding an identifier to your products.

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How To Sell Products On eBay?


Selling products on eBay is very easy, hassle-free and very quick. Just three basic steps get you started.

  1. Listing your product
  2. Shipping your product
  3. Receiving Payment

That’s it! It is easy and simple. With the help of a quick listing tool on the eBay website, you can quickly list your product(s) on eBay and instantly start selling. However, hiring a trained specialist for this job is a very good option as then you can devote your time and effort on some other sphere of your business while reaping benefits from selling your products side-by-side!

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