23 Ways to Rank Products on Amazon

The ultimate goal of every consumer is to increase its Amazon ranking. Ignoring the fact that how easily exploitable it is, majority of the sellers have no clue about the Amazon delivers search results. It may also interest you to know that consumers search for products to purchase on Amazon three times more than they search on Google. Continue reading


How to Get Your Products to the Top of Amazon Search Results Pages


Amazon is a popular market place globally for selling products and services of all kinds. People sell their creativity and even big organizations are running towards Amazon despite the fact that there are so many crowds on this network.

Owing to the increasing number of products on Amazon’s search engine, there are possibilities that your product might be pushed down in ranking on Amazon’s search result. Continue reading

Amazon Fees

Amazon Fees on Different Categories

Amazon Fees

Amazon is surely one of the best online marketplaces. Sellers can sell their products in a number of different ways on Amazon but one need to select the program prudently. Let us have a look at some of the ways in which sellers can sell their products on Amazon. Continue reading

How Amazon Make Money

How Does Amazon Make Money?

How Amazon Make Money

When it comes to listing down the best CEO’s in the world, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos’s name is on the top and there’s a good reason attached to it. Starting from a small business which dealt in books for a retailing behemoth which was valued at over $400 billion dollars was brought to $136 billion dollars in 2016 alone by Bezos. That’s a whole lot money, but have you ever thought that how does Amazon make that amount of money. Continue reading

Freelancer vs Company

Hire a Freelancer and Face Big Loss

Freelancer vs Company

Your business will have numerous requirements. Some companies may need a digital marketing specialist while there are some who may have a requirement for interior designers. Nowadays there is a trend to look at the option of freelancers who take up short term and long-term projects. There is a general thought process that this arrangement is convenient and even cost- effective. Continue reading

Make money with amazon

How to Make Money from Amazon

make money from amazon

Everyone knows how to spend money on Amazon. It’s easy! We even know how to save money while buying things from Amazon. But have you ever thought about actually making money while using Amazon? Yes, it’s possible! Continue reading

How to Sell on Amazon

How to sell on Amazon

How to Sell on Amazon

The first question on anyone’s mind is – Is selling on Amazon worth it?Well, the answer is yes. Amazon has helped many individuals and businesses to increase their sales and reach new customer base. Total sales for Amazon, approximately more than 40%, come from third-party selection in today’s time. Take a glance over all the benefits of selling on Amazon, choose a selling plan and figure out how to sell on Amazon by clicking on the link Continue reading