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Data Entry services

Advantages of outsourcing Data Entry Service to India

The need for an updated and structured database has increased these days. With the help of a complete database, every business or organization can achieve success. As data entry activities are time-consuming, companies find it difficult to complete their core projects on time, resulting in a loss of business. Outsourcing the data entry tasks to an established third-party service provider in India is the best solution to this problem. India has a large pool of seasoned, dedicated, and qualified companies who can complete your tedious and non-core data entry jobs on your behalf.  So, in this post, I am going to discuss the benefits of outsourcing Data Entry services to India.

  1. The Difference in the time zone: The Indian time zone is a definite advantage for the U.S. companies that require daily data entry. With a 12-hour time difference between the US and India, data entry job assigned by the end of the day in the US will be prepared for access by the next working day. Even if they want data entry in real time, Indian Offshore Outsourcing Services will provide services without fail based on the client’s requirement.
  2. A large pool of people with skill combinations: In India, outsourcing companies have a massive pool of resources with a wide range of skill sets. Outsourcing to India will provide you with access to the best resources with sufficient hands-on experience working with a range of customer requirements and can deliver results quickly. Also, you don’t have to worry about the role of hiring and training staff and transferring expertise as the data entry outsourcing company will be responsible for the task of maintaining a team to manage the data entry job as per the instructions and specifications over time.
  3. Enhance efficiency: Businesses can conduct service-level contracts with the outsourcing service provider to ensure reliability and timely performance. Organizations do not need to spend their time and effort observing how the work is done instead they will get the final production according to the organizations ‘ criteria and specifications. Also, outsourcing data entry services to a country like India, which is 10-12 hours ahead of countries like the USA and Canada, has proven very effective in enhancing efficiency and increasing transaction volumes.
  4. Cost-effective: Hiring an in-house team becomes a permanent burden irrespective of the volume of work performed. The best advantage of outsourcing data entry is that it saves time and cost of training and staff recruitment to perform the tasks of data entry within the specified time. Furthermore, companies need to make heavy investments to reliably implement the latest technology and software resources to conduct different types of data entry work.
  5. Ease of scalability: Another advantage of outsourcing to India is scalability, as it will relieve you from the problem of keeping a large workforce on the payroll even when there is limited work and recruits like crazy if the work piles up. Outsourcing will ensure that your data entry works- no matter how small or massive, it will finish on time. Outsourcing would allow you to choose the size of the team you are recruiting. And get the job done at the optimal speed and precision.
  6. Professional ethics: Data privacy is one of the major risks that parent companies face when outsourcing. It is believed that the Indians honor their job as God. Ethics are part of their tradition and culture, so the parent company can be sure of data privacy. However, the data they manage is of the unknown customer, so the possibility of violating privacy is low. Also, Indian data entry outsourcing firms are highly professional and efficient in their approach to their customers and jobs, thereby ensuring data security.

Conclusion: By outsourcing Data Entry services to India, you will be make sure that whatever information they obtain and process is reliable and error-free for their customers.

WordPress SEO tips

Top 15 Powerful WordPress SEO Tips For Your Website – Part 2

In previous post we have shared 7 Tips for WordPress SEO. In this post we are sharing remaining 8 WordPress Website SEO Tips.

  1. Website speed and performance: Website speed is one of the most important ranking factors that should be taken into account. Nobody likes a slow loading page. According to the SEO experts, users decide if they want to stay or leave a website in a matter of seconds. This means that as a website owner, you only have a few seconds to show your content and engage users. And you don’t want to waste this precious time waiting for your website to load. But as you are in the WordPress world, you can do this with the aid of plugins. Often heavy images and files lead to slow loading speed but by compressing images and files you can easily overcome it. You can play with the code to increase the page speed if you have sufficient knowledge of it.
  2. Create some quality backlinks: Link building is vital part of WordPress SEO and if you are doing not this, then you are missing something. Regardless of the latest change to the Google algorithm, the number one rating factor is a quality backlink. By linking to authoritative sources, you let Google know that the linked material is close to yours. Besides, it also improves user experience by providing them more information about the subject. Make it a regular practice to communicate via helpful outlets as it will help boost your confidence and trustworthiness.
  3. Optimize your posts and page titles: Your title is your main heading tag. This will let Google know what your page is about and it will affect whether readers are going to click on your website. Follow the below tips to improve your title tag:
  • Include your target keyword in the title as early as possible.
  • Build a 60 to 70 characters title tag.
  • Create an enticing title that lets people click on that.

It’s good to optimize your title and description to get maximum clicks. If you wonder how to pick a target keyword, what a good title is, or what a good Meta description is, then we Faith e-commerce Services are here for you to provide the best SEO services.

  1. Security of your WordPress website: Safety should be one of the most vital SEO activities that should be taken care of, by all the website owners. But unfortunately, they are often overlooked. Every week, Google blacklists about 20,000 spam websites and about 50,000 phishing websites. And when a page is blacklisted, it does not appear in the search results at all. This means that your WordPress website security is important for better ranking. As a site owner, you don’t want your website to be compromised. So, there are a lot security plugins available in the WordPress folder. You can add one more security layer to your site by installing a security plugin.
  2. Create a sitemap for your website: Your website can contain hundreds of pages, and to have your website indexed by Google, you need to tell Google the layout of your website. It’s incredibly easy to create a Google XML sitemap. An XML sitemap is a compressed file that lists every page of your website. This makes it easy to find all your material for search engines. Although adding an XML sitemap does not improve the search rankings of your website rather it lets search engines quickly find the pages and start ranking them.
  3. Use Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a popular analytics tool that is developed and offered by Google. This tool will tell you how well your SEO strategy works by providing you with detailed analytics of traffic on your page. Google analytics lets you perform a variety of tasks like detecting a 404 error site, analyzing the visitor’s behavior, source of traffic, fighting with referral spam, and many more.
  4. Using correct heading tags: Google updates its algorithm and takes into account the structure of the header tag. Though, you may not be aware of heading tags and how to use them correctly, if you’re just a beginner. For example: The H1 tag must always be used for the blog post title and keeping the H1 tag simple and concise is imperative. Once you’ve used the H1 heading, you would like to use the H2 tag for additional headings and then H3 and H4 for sub-headings and so on. It is not only essential to use heading tags for good SEO practices, but also to improve user engagement. This gives your users a better idea of your content and catches their interest in no time.
  5. Web hosting: Besides using standard SEO methods, one also needs a good and reliable hosting for their website. Web hosting is influenced by SEO because it affects your server up time, load time, bandwidth, resource, and many more things. And if your server is good, your website never goes down, and the search engine thinks that this website is smooth and lightweight

Conclusion: As you can see that when optimizing the website for search engines, you need to consider a lot of things. Hopefully, the above article was useful to give you a good place to start optimizing your WordPress website. Lastly, note that SEO is a game of long duration. The more efforts you put, the more results you’ll see, but these results will usually come in time. And if you are looking to get your company’s website designed by professionals, then we “Faith e-commerce services” are here to serve you the best SEO services. We will make your website layout search engine friendly and appealing from the user’s perspective.

WordPress SEO tips

Top 15 Powerful WordPress SEO Tips For Your Website – Part 1

SEO has always been the internet world’s Buzzword. After all, every business wants higher rankings and come up on Google’s first SERPs. Well, if you have a WordPress website up and running, you might know how important it is to optimize your website for search engines. No matter, how you create your website, without proper SEO it won’t operate at full pace. An SEO friendly website is more likely to appear on the first page of the search outcomes and drives steady traffic. However, you can easily generate an SEO friendly website and rank on the first page using WordPress. To enhance your WordPress SEO, it offers you a lot of plugins but there are other various tips and tricks that you can follow to make a difference. So, in this post, I am going to discuss the best WordPress SEO tips for your website and then you can boost your website like a rocket. But before this let’s discuss some basic terminology.

What is WordPress SEO?

WordPress is a content management system that simplifies the web-based content, editing, and publishing process.

SEO is the best way to drive traffic on your website and get more customers and boost your product sales. Having an SEO ready website influences over 200 factors.

You can easily build an SEO friendly website and rank on the first page in Google. Therefore, one of the most important is WordPress SEO.

Best WordPress SEO strategies to get the most from the search engine are:

SEO strategies

  1. Set your permalinks: The URL of your website pages and posts are referred to as permalinks. They are what users use to navigate your website and view the specific page in their address bars. They are also used to connect your website to other websites and search engines. A well-structured URL allows users to understand from the URL alone what the site is about. A good URL is always accepted by users as well as search engines. So, to set the URL according to your convenience and needs, WordPress comes with a default permalink setup. Changing the default setting to post name i.e. / % postname % / is always the best practice as it is easy for users to remember and for search engines to index.
  1. SEO friendly theme: WordPress offers a range of themes that can be used to give a strong base to your website. But, it is good to choose a theme that is designed for search engines instead of selecting a theme that looks beautiful and aesthetically appealing. There are 2 main things in the SEO optimized design I.e. speed and code. A well-written code with the latest SEO best practices ensures that Google bots wade through the source code and find the right code. Following are some of the important factors to consider while selecting a theme:
  • Incorporation of open graph Meta tags to improve social media communication.
  • The right use of meta-title tags and headings.
  • A tidy and elegant design that uses valid and correct HTML.
  • Use the canonical URL Meta tag correctly.

As mobile searches are increasing day by day, your website should be ready for that. You can check your website mobile-friendliness theme from Google’s Mobile-friendly test tool.

  1. Choose the best WordPress SEO plugin: You may not be familiar with plugins yet if you are new to WordPress. These are small pieces of add-on code that you can install, bringing to your page new features and functionality. While choosing the best WordPress plugin, you are likely to narrow your choice between the 2 most popular solutions: All in one SEO pack or Yoast SEO. Such plugins are used for showing a Google Search Result snippet preview to boost the on-page SEO of your website. Also, they help you create your website’s XML sitemap.
  1. Submit your website to Google search console: Google Search Console, also known as Webmaster Tools, is a set of tools offered by Google to give the website owner an insight into how the search engine views their content. To help you understand how your page appears in the search results, it offers reports and information. You can also see the actual search words that people use to locate your website, how each page appears in the search result, and how often your pages are clicked. If you want to check whether your website is listed in Google or not, search Google for “Site:”. If your content is not indexed yet, you will see no result message.
  1. Make your content shareable: over the past few years, social media has gained immense prominence. Today, almost every web user is active on different social media networks like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more. Having your content available helps your readers to share it across various social networks while driving massive traffic to your site. Adding social sharing buttons to your website not only boosts traffic but also improves the reputation of your website.
  1. Www vs. non-www URL: If you are just starting your website, choose whether to use www (http:/ or non-www (http:/ in the URL of your website. As Google view both these versions as the separate pages of the same URL. And just for the site suffix, you never want to waste your SEO efforts. Technically saying, on both the versions there are no SEO effects. The edition of WWW renders the URL complete. So, it is up to you what you choose. WordPress will redirect to the other versions of the URL automatically. I.e. if you select a non-www version and somebody tries to search for www version, then WordPress will redirect it automatically and vice-versa. These 2 options can be found under Settings-> General. Add your preferred URL to both the “site address field” and in “WordPress address”.
  1. Produce high-quality content: Content is one of the great things that will boost the chances to get a higher ranking. Whether you are running a blog or a corporate website, to rank higher in search engines, you will need quality content. People access the internet when they are looking for some specific and valuable information. And the key to successful SEO is to give them exactly what they are looking for. The more visitors you can attract in your page, the more you’ll get.

Hope you are enjoying these tips and find them useful when you will do WordPress website SEO.

We know content is informative and interesting to read but it’s going very long. So we will share more Tips in our next post.

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Amazon FBA

How to Best Utilize the Power of Amazon FBA

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Etsy ads

Introducing Etsy Ads Platform: A New Way to Optimize Your Advertising

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How one can improve keyword ranking on Google

How One Can Improve Keyword Rankings on Google

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Top 10 Interesting facts about Flipkart

From a moderate beginning in 2007 to become the largest e-commerce marketplace in India, Flipkart went through both difficult as well as successful phase At first it was started as the very small website, but through firm determination and extraordinary technical skill of their founder duo-Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, they finally reached the top.

But, Do you ever wanted to know how the site started? What was the first item sold on Flipkart? So, here in this post, I am going to talk about some interesting facts about Flipkart.

About Binny and Sachin Bansal

Binny Bansal Sachin Bansal

As we know that opposites attract, and this holds for the co-founders of Flipkart. Both Binny and Sachin Bansal went through the same school but were not good friends. They are the former students of IIT-Delhi and there they became close friends. Then they worked for Amazon as the software engineer, which later turned out to be their biggest competitor. But before joining Amazon, Binny was twice rejected by Google. Then he worked for Sarnoff Corporation, where he created a sensor of car that warns a car turning a lane without giving a signal. But after working for a year they left Amazon to launch their Online Bookselling site and thus founded Flipkart. They launched Flipkart with the capital of 4,00,000 rupees in cash in an apartment in Bangalore.


During the initial days, both Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal used to deliver books on their scooters in Bangalore. And in October 2015, they had been seen at the doorsteps of some customers, personally delivering goods to gain a thorough understanding from their online buyers.

The First Order

1st book sold on Flipkart

The first book they sold after launching the Flipkart was “Leaving Microsoft to change the world” by John Wood to a customer from Hyderabad. And it was Sachin Bansal who did the packing and Binny Bansal was the delivery boy. Also in an interview, Sachin Bansal told that during the early days they used to write fake reviews of books on their website to encourage buyers to buy and it worked!

The Merger

In 2014, Flipkart gained for $300 million and then they bought Myntra’s competitor Jabong for $70 million. They also acquired Appiterate, which was launched as an A/B mobile testing tool, to enhance its mobile platform. Flipkart also acquired eBay. in, PhonePe,, etc.

Flipkart Big Billion Days

Flipkart Big Billion Days

The Big Billion Day sale was a big twist that made Flipkart remarkable, as they escape Amazon’s market share. It was started in 2015, and in this three-day sale, they sold products that worth $ 200million. Then in 2016, the sale worth $225 million. And you will be surprised to know that during this 3-day sale, shoes and TVs are sold more than the combined sale of all retailers in India.

Xiaomi Tie-up

Flipkart Xiaomi Tie-up

You will be surprised to know that it took only 40 minutes for Xiaomi Mi3 first batch and an additional 1.70 lakh units to sell. And also 2,40,400 units of Xiaomi Redmi 1S budget Android Smartphone, priced at just Rs.5999  were sold under a total of 1 minute.

Flipkart Termed as Alibaba

Flipkart was started from the personal saving of Binny and Sachin Bansal which was about $6000 and is now making $1.5 billion yearly and termed as India’s Alibaba.

Flipkart Brand-Divastri

Flipkart Brand-Divastri

Flipkart launched its first private-label fashion brand named Divastri for women’s.

Daily Visitors

You will be surprised to know that 13 million visitors are visiting Flipkart daily.

Acquisition by Walmart

On May 4, 2018, it was reported that the US retail chain Walmart had won a bidding war with Amazon to gain most of the shares of Flipkart for the US $15 billion. And on May 9, 2018, Walmart publically announced its plan to gain a 77%  of controlling share in Flipkart for $16 billion.