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How to Give User Permissions on Amazon Seller Central

It is very easy to give permission of your Amazon seller account to an employee or a person who will manage your Amazon seller account on your behalf. Giving permission to someone else is a good practice because we all know when someone is running business they don’t have time to do every activity by his/her own. Continue reading

Why Sell Online

Offline Store Should Start Selling Online Immediately: Top 5 Reasons Why

If you’re selling products in your store, if you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or even a retailer, this is very important for you! If you’re planning to go down that road, then it’s even more important for you to read this! Here are top 5 reasons to start selling online and expand your business from only offline to both offline and online, especially on Amazon. Continue reading

Amazon Seller Central vs. Vendor Central

Amazon Seller Central vs. Vendor Central Complete Guide

Amazon Seller Central vs. Vendor Central

Sell your products directly to Amazon instead of being the third-party seller. Amazon sells the products for your company. This is a major difference between an “Amazon Seller” and an “Amazon Vendor”. Each of them comes with its unique resources and dashboards. Given below are the pros and cons of Amazon Seller and Amazon Buyer. Let’s take a quick glance at them. Continue reading